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Feminine Kit

Feminine Kit

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Feel your best during pesky times of the month. Our Feminine Kit is perfect way to alleviate cramps and tiredness. Instantly rebalance your energy and boost mental clarity, making YOUR time of the month as smooth sailing as possible!

Period Relief Salve Stick (6.5g/0.23oz) A bright, herbaceous salve infused with Clary Sage, to soothe your period pains and lift your mood, restoring inner calm & clarity.

Relax Mood Mist (30ml) - A Fresh, minty, Eucalyptus and Peppermint Spray Mist for the relief of anxiety and tension, with anti-inflammatory & decongestant properties.

Looking for something else to soothe the senses? Re-balance your inner senses with our Soothe Kit. From grounding aromas to fresh sensations, with this kit you won't let stress get the best of you—soothe it away!

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