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The Salve Co.

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The Salve Co.

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The Salve Co.

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The Salve Co. is an invitation to experience the healing properties of natural ingredients, to restore, remedy and relieve. Our aim is to reimagine the salve for the modern soul, soothing your body and mind from the daily wear and tear of urban life.

Handcrafted in Singapore from only the finest natural ingredients, we are passionate about formulating products from raw ingredients in nature, which you can safely apply on your skin without a care. 

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Signature Salves

Our Signature Salves provide the therapeutic care for better sleep, relief from tension and period discomfort, and healing for dry skin.

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Baby & Kids Salves

Our Baby & Kids Salves are 100% natural and toxin-free, leaving baby's skin supple. Use for diaper care, repelling insects and soothing bites. 

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Body Butters

Our Body Butters are naturally and intensely moisturising. They are infused with essential oils for you to enjoy the self-care you need.

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Never heard of a salve before?

Salves harness the healing properties of natural ingredients to restore, remedy and relieve. Inspired by the ancients and their belief in the natural healing properties of raw ingredients, our aim is to reimagine the salve for the modern soul

Our products carry the therapeutic properties of pure essential oils to soothe, heal and repair, and double up as moisturising balms that can be applied on your skin. Made with all-natural ingredients, our salves are good for you, and better for our environment.

With us, you can definitely - feel better, naturally.

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Natural remedies for the wear & tear of urban life