Our Story

Who we are

Our salves were birthed out of necessity for our loved ones - 

A calming salve for L’s mother’s frequent headaches. 
A soothing salve for L’s toddler’s frequent insect bites. 
A moisturising salve for L’s sister’s chapped lips.
A natural salve for J’s newborn’s sensitive skin and sore bottom.
A comforting salve for J’s friend’s painful periods.
A restful salve for J’s husband’s fitful sleep.
And of course, an effective salve to stave off the endless mosquitoes in our tropical climate. 

Initially frustrated that each of these problems could only find chemical-filled and artificially-formulated solutions sold at pharmacies and stores, we knew there had to be a better way to help our body heal, rejuvenate and rest. 

Our solution? 

Taking raw ingredients harnessed from nature and putting them together into all-natural salves that you can safely apply on your skin without a care. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Our bodies were not made for the intense wear and tear of urban life. Do your body a favour. Restore a bit of the wellness that the daily grind takes out of you with our salves. Give it a bit of that natural care it deserves by using one of our all-natural salves. 

Lovingly formulated and rigorously tested on ourselves, they contain hours of experimentations and repeated use to ensure the highest quality and a flawless experience. 

Our Philosophy:

natural | We believe in the power of nature to provide us with the healing, nourishment and calm that our bodies need. Absolutely no harsh chemicals are used. 

pure essential oils | Our salves harness the natural healing properties of plants by using 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. 

moisturising |  Enriched by ultra moisturising shea butter, olive oil and jojoba oil, our salves and butters replenish your skin of the natural oils that it needs.

minimal packaging | Our tin containers are easily reusable for storing little trinkets. Our products intentionally don’t come in a box, unless you opt for a giftbox.