Why Salves?

In the annals of history, salves were revered for their ability to harness the remedial properties of natural ingredients. From the wisdom of ancient civilizations to the demands of our contemporary lives, the essence of healing remains an unyielding necessity.

In a world where the modern soul bears the brunt of urban life, The Salve Co. revives the ancient philosophy of salves, transforming it into a sanctuary for the wearied spirit.


Our Ingredients

All our products combine the powerful therapeutic effects of essential oils with the deeply moisturising properties of natural oils and butters, creating a wellness experience for both your mind and body like no other.

Essential Oils: Nature's healing powerhouse

Distilled from the very essence of plants, our 100% therapeutic grade essential oils are the alchemy that transforms the physical, mental, and emotional. Scientifically refined, these oils are not just scents; they are elixirs that change how you perceive well-being.

All our products are all scented with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils - safe for topical application and of the highest possible quality. 

Natural oils and butters: Nature's original skin food

In a world inundated with chemical-laden concoctions, we offer simplicity. Our products are crafted from natural oils and butters—skin food as nature intended. No additives, no parabens, no sulfates; just pure, unadulterated care for your skin. Our commitment extends beyond the individual; it's a promise of safety for you and your loved ones.


And there you have it—no secrets, no hidden agendas. The Salve Co. is a manifestation of purity, an offering to the modern soul seeking solace in the simplicity of nature's embrace. With every application, immerse yourself in nature's healing, crafted with love and a profound respect for the timeless connection between earth and skin.