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Duo Stick Kit

Duo Stick Kit

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Duo Stick Kits

Take wellness on-the-go with our Duo Salve Stick Kit.  A travel-sized spa in your pocket, this set is perfect for a mini self-care session on-the-go! Take a deep breath and relax, while enjoying the soothing scents from our aromatherapy balm sticks - perfect for finger-free, hygienic application. These pocket-sized powerhouses come in 3 carefully paired scent combinations to fight the wear & tear of urban life, wherever it takes you.

Tension Relief + Better Sleep (6.5g/ 0.23oz x 2)

Period Relief + Tension Relief (6.5g/ 0.23oz x 2)

Better Sleep + Healing (6.5g/ 0.23oz x 2)

Preferred combination not listed? Contact us to check availability.

 Try the best of both worlds. Pair your Salve Stick with a Mood Mist in our lifestyle kits -  for the full Salve Co. wellness experience. From better sleep to days out with the family, our scents have got you covered!

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