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Relax Mood Mist (50ml)

Relax Mood Mist (50ml)

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Embrace waves of cooling calm as our signature blend of Peppermint and Eucalyptus uplift your alertness, relieving tension and inflammation 100% naturally.

Harnessing the anti-inflammatory & decongestant properties of both essential oils, this strong minty scent boosts your mood, whilst fighting tension headaches & nasal congestion .

  Aroma  Minty-fresh, cool, with a citrusy middle note.

  Ingredients  100% pure therapeutic grade Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils, denatured alcohol, distilled water. 

  Directions for use  Shake well before misting body and surrounding atmosphere. Practise mindful breathing, especially when experiencing tension headaches and cramps. 

Size: 50ml

Enhance your tension relief experience. Our travel sized Sinus Kit pairs this relax mood mist with our Tension Relief salve stick (with identical  scent blend), for enhanced anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties.

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