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Focus Mood Mist (30ml)

Focus Mood Mist (30ml)

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Concentration waning in the middle of the work day? Step into a sanctuary of clarity and calm, before embracing the tasks ahead of you. 

Allow this bright citrusy mist to centre you in a state of alertness and focus. Our blend of Bergamot and Lemon lifts your mood and brings clarity, alongside Eucalyptus which relaxes muscles and airways.

  Aroma  Citrusy fresh, herbaceous and bright, with a woody middle note.

  Ingredients  100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil blend (Lemon, Bergamot and Eucalyptus), denatured alcohol, distilled water.

Size: 30ml

Beat the Hustle. Elevate your workday wellness with our Hustle Kit, pairing our Focus Mood Mist & Tension Relief Salve, in travel sizes. Crafted to re-invigorate your senses and bring a touch of natural luxury to your hectic work day.


  Directions for use  Spray a few times directly to surroundings to instantly refresh your atmosphere, whilst practicing mindful breathing. Mix well before use.

 Caution - For external use only, avoid face, eyes and mouth. Please store in a cool dry place. Do not use near an open flame, and avoid spraying near lacquered wood and or painted surfaces which may stain. 

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